On Friday, June 7, at the Jewish Cultural Centre in Banja Luka, adults and high school students completed their school year.

Our guest was singer and storyteller Ljoba Jenče. With old folk songs and fairy tales, which, when collected and performed, she protects from oblivion, she captivated all listeners. She also appeared at the National Minorities Club on Saturday, June 8, and pupils and their parents were invited. Mladen Bubonjić welcomed the guest on behalf of the Association of Slovenians Triglav, while teacher Barbara Hanuš thanked the parents, who encouraged the children to learn the language, and the Association, which always has an open door for guests from Slovenia.

Ljoba Jenče prepared a program in which we all actively participated. The bravest in singing were the youngest who had just started learning Slovenian. It is in this group that there are many who never miss classes, and in addition to certificates for attendance, they also receive rewards. Among them are diligent readers. They received awards from the Slovenian Reading Badge Association and awards for their participation in the Library – Universe of Treasures project. It was presented by the director of the Anton Tomaž Linhart Library in Radovljica, Božena Kolman Finžgar, who always ensures that our students do not run out of reading material.

Students participate in numerous artistic and literary competitions. The evening before the end of the class, the Slavic Association of Dolenjska and Bela Krajina announced the winners of the Literary Contest "Capture Moments". Jelena Sibinović won second place among pupils, while Elena and Mihaela Lunić published texts in a collection published by the association. The students could not have taken part in the awards ceremony in Novo Mesto, and now they have received the collection, while Jelena has also received recognition and a book.

Each student received a bulletin “This is us”. By reading texts and looking at photos, we can see all that has been going on this school year. Lots of events, lots of memories! Not just for teaching, but for everything that happens at school. The end of the school year is also one of the important events.