On October 19, 2019 a concert was held in Cerklje na Gorenjskem by two choirs bearing the same name DAVORIN JENKO.

The concert of two choirs, the Chamber Men's Choir Davorin Jenko and the Mixed Choir of the Association of Slovenians of RS Triglav Banjaluka, was held in the Ignatius of Borštnik cultural temple.

The choirs are not only linked by the same name Davorin Jenko, they are also linked by a previous connection with the Association of Slovenians Triglav Banja Luka and a joint concert held in May 2019 in Banja Luka. This time the Mixed Choir of the Association of Slovenians Triglav returned the visit and participated as a guest at a concert that was part of the celebration marking the 60th anniversary of the choir and the Association Davorin Jenko Cerklje of Gorenjska. A large number of visitors gathered at the Cultural Temple. The first part of the concert featured Davorin Jenko Cerklje Chamber Men's Choir. They sang six songs. In the second part, Mixed Choir Davorin Jenko from Banja Luka sang nine songs. The concert, worthy of praise, was well organized. A warm, friendly reception and a round of applause were awarded to singers and young conductors, Neža Križaj and Vanja Topić.

After Saturday's concert, the two companies joined together in the beautiful Jagodić Hotel. The hosts dedicated the Sunday for us to see the sights of their place and surroundings.

Cerklje, a small town decorated with an abundance of flowers, in which many famous cultural figures of different directions were born - music, theatre, literature and others. Mrs. Daniela Močnik told us about this, giving a special character to the cultural richness of the unique area at the foot of Krvavec.