In April, students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian from Slatina and Banja Luka were guests of Koper pupils, and on October 25, pupils from the Koper elementary school returned a visit.

It was a beautiful autumn day when a bus from Primorska brought primary school children and their companions. We had lunch in the student area and we had time for a short stroll around town, and we spent the evening with families. On Saturday, October 26, we all gathered at the Ćetojevic Hotel, where a quiz was held for students from Niš, Zenica, Tuzla, Teslić, Slatina and Banja Luka. The guests watched the competition with enthusiasm and rewarded the competitors with applause. After the quiz, they had a free afternoon and evening. Of course, all the guests are interested in what is hidden in Banja Luka shops and markets. Trying ćevapi is also an important part of the visit. We also had a Sunday morning to have a good time and get to know Banja Luka and its surroundings, and in the middle of the day the guests said goodbye to the hosts. They also drove to Slatina to see this spa. After lunch they had to leave. There remain new friendships and fond memories of the time our pupils and students spent in Koper and the pupils from Koper with us.