The beginning of the school year in the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian in Banja Luka and Slatina is dedicated to preparing for the quiz.

This year's quiz, which was held at the Ćetojevic Hotel on Saturday, October 26, was the seventh in a row. The quiz is prepared and run by Darko Hederih. For many years he was preparing the show Little Grey Cells for schoolchildren and has published several books with this title. Darko Hederih holds a Master of Psychology degree and is employed as a school psychologist in Maribor. Each year he carefully chooses the topic of the quiz, and the task of the teacher of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian is to motivate children to learn and to choose interesting teaching material.

This year we talked about fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes and spices. We know the importance of eating healthy while growing up. In preparing for the quiz, we learned a lot about food, learned Slovenian words, and thought about why we should include fruits and vegetables in our diet. The quiz was attended by students from Niš, Zenica, Tuzla, Teslić, Slatina and Banja Luka. Everyone answered the questions quickly and accurately, no questions were left unanswered. The team of Slatina won with Marko Budiša, Stefan Kuprešak and Katja Lunić. The quiz is not only an opportunity for students to show their knowledge, but above all an opportunity for socializing of children of Slovenian origin from various associations of Slovenians in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every year we welcome guests from Serbia - this year our guests were students of the Slovenian Cultural Community France Prešeren Niš.