This year's Slovenian MEGA Library-Museum Quiz has been completed, dedicated to the centenary of the National Gallery and to learning about Slovenian fine arts.

The quiz was also addressed by students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian who learned many new things. They searched for information in art history books, looked at artworks, and wrote down why we were impressed and reminded of something. We also participated in an art competition that was part of the quiz. The works of our two students were selected for the exhibition, so on June 5th we attended the closing events at the National Gallery in Ljubljana.

We listened to the speakers with interest, and Bojan Ćeran and Nikolina Milošević received awards for their drawings. They were presented by illustrator Ivan Mitrevski, who was the chairman of the jury. Some of the winners took pride in painting themselves at the exhibition. Together with students from Ajdovščina we went to visit the permanent collection of the National Gallery. Kristina Preininger revealed to us a number of attractions about creating artwork. We could see live everything we learned in the books.

For our students, going to Slovenia is always a holiday, and some of them are in Ljubljana for the first time today. We visited the city centre, we had ice cream, and on the Dragon Bridge we took pictures with a dragon. A visit to Ljubljana will be a memory for everyone.