On Saturday, 21 November 2015 the Slovenians of Banja Luka celebrated St. Martin’s Day for the 17th time, together with their guests and friends.

Celebration of the old Slovenian custom of baptising wine is well known to many people of Banja Luka and wider. It was a pleasant Saturday evening in the Valentin restaurant. At the very beginning the young folklorists danced a Slovenian dance. At the end of the dance a bow, wide smile and greeting said out loud – we wish you a happy celebration of St. Martin’s Day!
The announcer Darko Mijatović welcomed the attendees, primarily our esteemed guests including: head of Consular Office of the Republic of Slovenia in Banja Luka Marjan Ristič, speaker of the Municipal Assembly Laktaši Snježana Radetić, Assistant Minister Milica Kotur and Vanja Kopanja from the Ministry of Education and Culture, Minister of Science and Technology Jasmin Komić, director of Cultural Centre Banski dvor Mr. Milorad Petrić, representative of the Tourist Organisation, Branka Bukovec, Association for the development of voluntary work Novo mesto and representatives of Slovenian associations in BiH, Slovenian association from the Republic of Montenegro and Association of Primorci from Lendava.
Vice-president of the Association Triglav Banja Luka Mladen Lunić made a short speech about the importance of celebrating and the desire of Slovenians of Banja Luka to mark, preserve and celebrate with friends the old Slovenian custom, baptizing wine. The acknowledgement does not go only to the Association Triglav, but also many donors who always make possible this organisation.
The role of St. Martin was assigned to our friend from Slovenia Janez Čatež. Baptising was done and it was accompanied by songs, as is usual. The song was sang by members of the choir Davorin Jenko from Association Triglav, together with all the guests.
It was a merry event, as always, and let it stay like that!