Cooperation between the Association of the Slovenians of the Republic of Srpska „Triglav“ and other associations and institutions grows and becomes more and more important. This is confirmed by recently published book, anthology of prose authors of Banja Luka and Slovenia entitled „Stories of Soča and Vrbas Rivers“, promoted in the National and University Library of the Republic of Srpska, on 17 November.

Beside the Association Triglav the promotion was organised by Literary Club „Govorica“ from Nova Gorica, publisher „Kuća poezije“ and Association of Translators „Kuća poezije“ and Association of authors of Srpska, Branch Office Banja Luka. The event was opened by author Zdravko Kecman, who spoke about the two rivers, Soča and Vrbas, cities of Banja Luka and Nova Gorica, and writers living, writing and creating along the two rivers. It was impressive listening to the comparison: both rivers spring from the deep, both are of sky blue colour, very fast and passing through narrow straits and riverbeds, breathing life into the cities they run through, and then expanding in lower watercourse to Soča's confluence with the sea and Vrbas's confluence with the Sava River.

The event was very impressive, the attendees were greeted by president of the Slovenian Migrant Association Sergij Pelhan, and then the floor was given to director of the National and University Library of the RS Ljiljana Petrović Zečić, and president of the Literary Club from Nova Gorica, author Darinka Kozinc.

Authors from Slovenia who took part at the event were: Darinka Kozinc, Boris Jukić, Milan Petek Levokov, Rajko Slokar, Andrej A. Golob and Katjuša Trampuž.

During the promotion guests from Slovenia gave their books to the library and readers and Kuća poezije gave their book editions.