From Thursday, 17 May to Saturday, 19 May, there were 11 expert associates from Slovenia visiting Banjaluka. They participate in the project Challenges of intercultural coexistence.

The five-year project is implemented under the auspices of Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of Slovenia and European Social Fund, while the coordination was carried out by ISA Institute from Ljubljana and Elementary School Koper. Teachers and pedagogues from 90 kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools prepare programmes for inclusion of children of immigrants. Many immigrants come from BiH, and that is why it is important for expert associates to find out about the educational system of the country. They visited Sarajevo and Banjaluka.

In Banjaluka they were welcomed in Elementary School Stanko Rakita Vrbanja and Secondary Construction School. In both schools they were greeted by principals, while psychologist, pedagogues and teachers gave them more information on curricula. In Elementary School Stanko Rakita Vrbanja there are three religions taught, and that is the reason why the discussion also included seminary teacher and orthodox priest. In both schools guests from Slovenia found out a lot of information that will be beneficial in their work with migrants.

Supply teaching lessons of Slovenian also include pupils and students who are preparing for the inclusion in the Slovenian school system. Expert associates wanted to see how lessons are organised, that is why they visited classes for elder students and youngest pupils. They themselves organised some activities thus testing didactic materials they prepared for teaching Slovenian. The event was very pleasant both for pupils and students but also for guests as they had the opportunity to hear different life stories and reasons for learning Slovenian. In the name of the Association Triglav they were greeted by Marija Petković, who gave them bulletins and bilingual books published by the Association.

Barbara Hanuš