On 16 June 2018 almost one thousand Slovenians from all over the world gathered in Brežice.

This was organised by the Office of the Government of Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad. The event was hosted by municipality of Brežice and its local communities.

At 10 o’clock we all gathered at the bus station in Brežice. Guides were waiting for us there. We were put in groups to visit different places with our guide. The area near Brežice has lovely nature, wine-growing area and households pursuing different crafts.

Our members and members of Slovenian association from Austria were in the group visiting a small village of Sromlje. We were welcomed by pleasant hosts from the local community. They prepared for us many different salty and sweet meals for us, as well as tasty wine and home-made juices. This was followed by the cultural programme where both hosts and guests sang and danced. After the cultural programme we visited the small museum, as well as fish farm where they grow first Slovenian eco-trouts.

We were sad to leave our kind hosts but we had to go back because at 17.00 we participated at the central event taking place in the courtyard of castle in Brežice. The attendees were welcomed by Minister Gorazd Žmavc and Mayor of Brežice. This was followed by the programme with the participation of Slovenian associations from all over the world.

It is nice to meet our fellow countrymen. Although we meet only once a year, it seems to us that we are always there together, at home!
Nataša Kajmaković