Since 2015 more than 15 grammar schools in Slovenia have been involved in the project Collage for Youth through the Public Fund for Cultural Activities Novo mesto. Since last year, the Grammar School (Gimnazija) in Banjaluka has also been involved in the project via Association of Slovenians Triglav Banjaluka – a partner on the project.

Students of IB DO (International baccalaureate) of Grammar School in Banja Luka who participated last year in the workshop showed enviable creativity, so that their works for this kind of expression aroused interest not only among peers but also among teachers.

Workshop Collage for Youth was organised on 19 October in Grammar School in Banjaluka. Beside students of IB programme there also participated students of national programme of Grammar School. Guests at the workshop were students of Grammar School from Novo mesto, and thanks to Slovenian associations from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zenica and Kakanj there participated also students from those cities.

Mentors, poet and author Samo Dražumerič and illustrator Peter Škerl, informed students about the topic of the workshop. They pointed out that it was a workshop for all those young people who wish to immerse themselves into the world of literary art, because literature and art in general, expand views and opinions thus creating critical individuals. Reading, thinking and reaching own cognition is what the workshop ensures where the text of poems or prose is not written but glued from cut-out pieces of words. Such a kind of expression is owed to famous Slovenian avant-garde poet Srečko Kosovel. Most of his constructivist poems (called konsi (kons in singular), short for konstrukcije ("constructions")), make the book Integrali (Integrals). The book was published 40 years after his death and ever since his konsi represent new modern art.

During the presentation of their works the students showed critical approach and care for social and political problems of the area where they live, and once again showed how many ideas and potential are hidden in a young person.