Pupils of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian in Banjaluka and Slatina were guests to pupils of primary schools in Kranj in May, while on 16 November pupils from Kranj came together with their teachers to Banjaluka.

After tasty lunch in student campus they made a tour of the city and then went to their peers. On Friday evening and Saturday morning the peers showed them those parts of the city which they like the most. On Saturday, 17 November, they all came to the supply teaching lessons and also their teachers wanted to see how it was organised. We were in the National Minorities’ Club spending time playing social games. On Sunday, 18 November we parted from our guests and Association of the Slovenians Triglav organised a tour of Slatina.

Each exchange of pupils and students proves that friendship knows no borders. Friendship, established at such events, are preserved through social networks. For pupils and students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian the link with their peers in Slovenia is a valuable opportunity to speak Slovenian. Every year we choose another area thus getting familiar with the country and different habits of population. We are always warmly welcomed while the Association of the Slovenians Triglav Banjaluka and families of our pupils and students take care that the second part of the exchange gets also pleasant. This year we had pupils and teachers from primary schools France Prešeren, Matija Čop, Jakob Aljaž and Predoslje.

Barbara Hanuš