On 11 December 1918 Slovenian author Ivan Cankar died while the year of 2018 was proclaimed to be Cankar’s year.

Many events took place all over Slovenia and outside its borders. At the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian we remembered him as early as in April because the Book Night was dedicated to his works. In late November and December we continued discussing his works and tested our knowledge of his life and work. We looked for information in the books, including the book of Blaž Vurnik and Zoran Smiljanić “Ivan Cankar: Images from life”, which was proclaimed the book of 2018 at the Book Fair in Slovenia.

Cankar’s days in Banjaluka commenced by the event Library – Universe of Treasure. We received director of the library of Anton Tomaž Linhart Božena Kolman Finžgar and librarian Katja Bevk. Pupils made bookmarks in the shape of moustache – exactly like those of Ivan Cankar. Students read his most famous stories and played social game Klanec, and also illustrated his poems from the collection Erotika. Cankar’s days were concluded by playing the movie Idealist.

At the initiative of the Centre for Slovenian as second/foreign language proof-readers of Slovenian, working at universities all over the world, prepared World Days of Ivan Cankar. Days of Ivan Cankar in Banjaluka were a small contribution to getting familiar with the artist whose thoughts are still up to date.

Barbara Hanuš