On Saturday, March 2, three groups of Slovenian language students in Banja Luka visited an exhibition on Slovenia's cultural heritage at Banski dvor.

At the exhibition Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovenia in the light of the UNESCO Convention, Slovenian national customs, handicrafts and other traditions are displayed on 24 panels. It was added on May 20 - World Bee Day, which was proclaimed by the United Nations at the initiative of Slovenia.

Carnival Saturday was a good day for sightseeing, as we get acquainted with many old customs of the carnival at the exhibition, as well as visits to the kurent. Students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian took a detailed look at the exhibition and worked out a worksheet. Where is the organization of the "šelmarija", why do we need shingles, where the laces are made, as they call traditionally Easter eggs in Bela Krajina and how in Prekmurje, when children release "gregorčki" in the water, which is "mohant" - just some of the questions we find the answer to in the exhibition. The students agreed that Slovenia hides many interesting things and that they have already heard about many national customs during the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian. As with the Slovenian language, every village has its own voice, so the Slovenian cultural heritage is very diverse. The transfer of this wealth to young people is one of the missions of Slovenian associations trying to preserve the Slovenian language and culture everywhere in the world.