Chamber Choir Davorin Jenko Cerklje preserves the tradition of the selected male singing and brings the Slovenian song to the audience.

Choir, led by conductor Jožef Močnik, who currently has nearly thirty singers of all generations, is one of the solid cultural pillars on the municipal, regional and entire Slovenian territory. They wanted to share Slovenian song with us, and they gave us an incentive for cooperation.

On Saturday, May 11, 2019, the concert "Davorin Jenko brings together and unites" was held in the hall of the Youth Centre in Banja Luka. This concert was not related solely to singing, but also to the name of the Slovenian composer - Davorin Jenko, which is the name of both choirs. At the concert we heard Slovenian folk songs and numerous other musical works, including poems of famous Slovenian poets.
Our choir Davorin Jenko, led by conductor Vanja Topić presented itself with Slovenian folk and artistic songs and old songs. The concert of two Slovenian choirs of the same name "Davorin Jenko" was unique.
Members of our Association tried to make the first encounter with singers from Cerklje memorable. We will meet again this year to sing together at a concert that will be held in Cerklje na Gorenjskem in October.