At the Primary School Netherlands in Slatina, they prepare a program at the end of the school year on 31 May each year.

Pupils showing what they have learned include also pupils of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian. This year, they introduced the book project to their peers. The host of the project, implemented by the Slovenian Book Agency, was the Association of Slovenians Triglav in Banja Luka back in February. We liked the book moth so much teaching us how to make a book, that we borrowed posters again. The students presented the process of making the book, discussed the role of the author, the publishing house, the printing press, as well as all those who ensure that the book reaches the reader. If no one reads it, the book is just a subject, and that's why the role of libraries and bookstores is huge. Teachers want pupils and students to fall in love with books. A nice tale of a book moth, written by Žiga X. Gombač and illustrated by David Krančan, helps us promote reading. The students of the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian invited their peers to visit the bibliobus, which is the first library-bus in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The position is in front of the Primary School “Holandija”. The moth says, "Those who read, strengthen their vocabulary, and with each page read, we learn something new and we are never bored." and all of us who attended the event listened to the pupils of Primary School “Holandija” because the program was excellent.