Ljoba Jenče, a singer of folk ballads and other songs, a storyteller and collector of folk traditions, was our guest at the end of the school year on June 7-8.

She introduced us to a part of Slovenia's rich cultural heritage, enchanted us with her voice and delighted in playing unusual instruments. Have you heard the sound of rocks from the most beautiful river in the world? The Soča river rock tunes, zither and bass pot, along with Ljoba’s voice, created a festive atmosphere. It is a holiday, when students receive certificates for regular attendance in supply teaching lessons of Slovenian. In the class we learn about Slovenian art and cultural heritage, and visiting artists and performers is a special experience. Without the support of the Association of Slovenians Triglav Banja Luka, the events could not have been implemented.

On Friday, June 7, Marija Petković greeted the guest and all students on behalf of the Association in the hall of the Jewish Cultural Centre. It was an evening for adults and high school students. After the cultural program, they received certificates for attending classes, and some received special awards because they never missed the class. Reading badges have been distributed to all those who have been reading this year, as well as certificates for participation in the Library - World of Treasures Project. Božena Koleman Finžgar director of Library Anton Thomas Linhart, with whom we have been working for six years, has been with us. The Library awards readers every year and brings many books, so we don't forget Slovenian during the summer.

The guest had good time with us. Ljoba Jenče wrote enthusiastically. “I really have the Balkans in my heart, but being among Slovenians and locals learning Slovenian is something special. Joy and hope, curiosity and respect, admiration! I felt it all. And also the soul; as I sang love songs, everyone was with me, because it's a universal theme!”