Representatives of the Association "Triglav" attended the presentation of the book "Slovenian Ethnic Minority in BiH" by Dušan Tomažič in Tuzla.

The book was presented on Friday, 23 August 2019, at the "Flame of Peace House" as part of marking the day of Slovenian culture in Tuzla organized by the Association of Citizens of Slovenian Origin of Tuzla.

After the welcoming speech of Dragica Tešić, president of the Association of Citizens of Slovenian Origin Tuzla, the Women's Choir "Slovenčice" of the Association of Citizens of Slovenian Origin Tuzla performed. Subsequently, Dušan Tomažič presented the information contained in the book, as well as some that the book does not contain, since it was obtained after the book was published. In addition, he focused on the situation regarding the migration of Slovenes to Tuzla and its surroundings. He also answered the questions of the interested audience, and thanked in particular for the presence of his mentor from the Faculty in Tuzla, who helped him in the preparation of the master's thesis, on the basis of which this book was created, as well as other professors who attended the presentation.

The presentation of the book was attended by the members of the Association from Tuzla, as well as the painters participating in the 6th Regional Art Colony "Slovenians in Tuzla", which was held during that week in Tuzla, and within the next day, on August 24, 2019, an exhibition of art works was organized by participants of the Colony, including Tatjana Ratković Bosnić, a member of the Association “Triglav”.