In the period from 29 to 31 August 2019, the fifth camp for descendants of Slovenians from Bosnia and Herzegovina was held at the Bočica mountain hike near Kakanj. During the three-day gathering, children from Banja Luka, Kakanj, Tuzla and Zenica had a series of activities that complemented the already wonderful atmosphere at this picnic area above Kakanj.

On the first day, upon the arrival of the guests, the hosts organized a short tour of the most important sights of Kakanj, such as a museum, gallery, monuments in the city and the city centre. After that we headed to Bočica where we were welcomed by our hosts. A tournament in “Ludo” was organized for children. By the way, Katja Lunić from the Association of Slovenians of RS “Triglav” Banja Luka won. After the tournament, the kids played volleyball and basketball, and after dinner, they got to know each other better.

The next day, the hosts took us to the Gradina lookout above Kakanj. Along the way, they showed us the historic site of the Necropolis, which houses a large number of tombstones. After a two-hour walk, we returned to the mountain lodge where a volleyball competition was organized after lunch. The victory was won by a combined team of hosts and children from Tuzla. After the sports activities, the hosts prepared dinner for the guests. In addition to the children from Slovenian associations from BiH, the evenings were attended by members of the executive board of the Association from Kakanj. After dinner, the kids hung out by the campfire until long into the night.

On the last day of socializing at the Bočica camp, awards were given to the participants, after which we parted with hope to meet soon again.