This year's host of the meeting of all associations of Slovenians from Bosnia and Herzegovina "Slovenians, let's meet", which was held on Friday, September 6, 2019 at the Pensioners' Centre in Zenica, was the Association of Citizens of Slovenian Origin "Encijan".

The beginning of the program was marked by an exhibition of paintings, created at the sixth colony held in Tuzla during August. The exhibition was opened by the president of the Association "Encijan" Dragan Gačnik and the painter Tatjana Ratković. After the exhibition, Dušan Tomažič presented his book "Slovenian National Minority in BiH", which was followed by cultural program. Finally, thank-you notes for their contribution to the work and organization of the gathering were awarded, among others, to the Association of Slovenians of the RS "Triglav", which was received by the president of the Association Marija Grbić. The ceremony was also attended by Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to BiH, H.E. Zorica Bukinac, Minister for Slovenians Abroad Peter Jozef Česnik, and State Secretary of the Republic of Slovenia, Mrs. Olga Belec.