The Association of Slovenians Triglav Banja Luka joins National Reading Month this year.

The first event was organized in cooperation with the Central Library Srečko Vilhar Koper. Librarians Urška Bonin and Tjaša Jazbec together with library director David Runk visited students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian in Slatina and Banja Luka. They presented the project of Rovka Črkolovka. It is a reading competition, in Slovenia it is intended for students in grades 5 and 6, students from Italy and Austria are also participating, and this year for the first time students from Bosnia and Herzegovina also participated. The competition will include two groups: students from Slatina and students from Banja Luka. Since their knowledge of the language is not the same as the knowledge of the Slovenian language of peers in Slovenia, we will choose shorter books supplemented with illustrations. Our students will also rate the books they have read and write down their comments. During the class we will discuss the content of the books read and also illustrate the texts.

The presentation of the project was attended by parents of students who filled out the application form. Parental support is essential for the child to reach for the book in their spare time. The guests from Koper have brought us many interesting books, and now we have a new bookshelf for reading in Banja Luka. A bibliobus was waiting for us in Slatina, as the availability of books significantly affects our motivation to read. Our students have become members of the Koper Library, which enables them to borrow e-books available through the web portal. The librarians showed us the footage of last year's closing event, emphasizing the importance of recording commentary on books and reading interesting data related to the books included in the competition. You can find all of this on the website Let's Read with Rovka Črkolovka. While reading, students will improve their language skills, and everyone will receive recognition from Rovka, and those who read the most books, write the best commentary or paint the most original book illustrations will receive a nice prize - they will attend the closing of the Koper event in April.