We were very happy to respond to the invitation of the Slovenian Cultural Society Cankar from Sarajevo to participate in the International Meetings of Slovenian Choirs, which took place from 28-29 September 2019 in Sarajevo.

This year the event brought together an extremely large number of choirs and singing groups. Seven choirs and singing groups from Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina sang in the beautiful, extremely acoustic hall of the BiH Army House.

From Slovenia there participated MoPZ “Kapela” from Kapela and MePZ “Globoko” from Globoko. MoPZ “Kapela”  was conducted by Mihaela Komočar Gorše performing three songs that delighted the audience in the hall. The choir comes from a small picturesque village of Kapela on the border of Slovenia and Croatia, which preserves the village spirit, old customs of the Slovenian rural areas, as well as a special way of singing. It is noteworthy that it is one of the oldest choirs, which has been operating continuously since 1920. The founder of the choir was Anton Radanovich. This performance was remembered by the audience with strong, long applause.

The choir of the Slovenian Association "Kredarica" from Novi Sad and the male singing group "Fantje" also performed at the event.

The performance of our choir “Davorin Jenko” was remarkable and very successful. Even our demanding and meticulous conductor was very pleased and praised the choir for a successful performance. The choir presented itself with three songs, two Slovenian and one old town song.

Other choirs that participated: choir “Slovenčice” from Tuzla and choir of our hosts “Camerata Slovenica”, with their good performance, contributed to the beautiful Slovenian song to be heard in Sarajevo.