On Thursday, September 26, we presented ourselves at European Language Day by promoting the bilingual booklet The Journey of a Book.

The Journey of a Book - from Author to Reader, is a short story written in a comic book that depicts the creation of a book with the help of a cute book moth. The authors are the writer Žiga X Gombač and the illustrator David Krančan, and the booklet and posters were designed by the Slovenian Book Agency. The bilingual booklet was published by the Association of Slovenians Triglav Banjaluka and translated into Serbian by Biljana Babić.

The Journey of a Book was presented in the morning at the Language Fair at the National and University Library in Banja Luka. We were the first to be visited by 5th grade elementary school pupils of Elementary School Branko Radičević with teacher Vanja Perić. The authors Žiga X Gombač and David Krančan presented the journey of the book from the author to the reader, while the students handled the worksheets. Throughout the afternoon, the two authors met with young readers who eagerly listened to the stories of the book moth. The Slovenian authors performed in the afternoon at an event that brought together speakers of ten European languages at the National and University Library: Serbian, German, English, French, Russian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Slovenian. The aim of the European Languages Day is to emphasize the importance of multilingualism, and one of the languages heard at the events in Banja Luka is Slovenian.

In the evening, there was a promotion of the bilingual edition of the book "The Journey of a Book" on the premises of the Association of Slovenians Triglav. The National Reading Month campaign is taking place in Slovenia from 8 to 13 October, and students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian also participate. The promotion of the new book was one of the events of Reading Month. Publishing a book is always important, and if we are visited by guests from Slovenia, the conversation about the book is all the more interesting. We are pleased that Tjaša Urankar from Slovenian Book Agency, writer Žiga X Gombač and illustrator David Krančan were with us. Tjaša Urankar presented the tasks of the Public Book Agency and highlighted the Growing up with the Book project and Book Path, Žiga X Gombač described the story of a book moth, and David Krančan spoke about comics. A pleasant evening passed in conversation about the importance of reading.