The pupils of the Elementary School “Holandija” in Slatina were visited by a book moth during the children's week.

The mascot, which tells us how the book was made, came from Ljubljana - from the Public Book Agency of Slovenia, so he spoke Slovenian. The students of the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian Katja, Gabriel, Lucius and Stefan translated his story into Serbian. The story is written in the comic book The Journey of a Book, written by Žiga X Gombač and illustrated by David Krančan. The Association of Slovenians Triglav Banja Luka made sure that students who do not understand Slovenian now have a bilingual edition of this booklet.

The third grade pupils listened with interest to the story of the book moth, learned about books that the blind and partially sighted read, and how to approach the deaf by gesturing. Students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian assisted younger pupils in solving the worksheet. Encouraging reading is an important task for the school, so the book moth, with greetings, wished everyone much joy with good books.