On Thursday, November 14, Slovenian illustrator Peter Škerl introduced himself to the students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian.

An interesting conversation with the award-winning Slovenian artist was also attended by members of the Association of Slovenians Triglav, who invited the author to Banja Luka. Škerl's rich and original oeuvre offered numerous topics for discussion. We listened to his reflections on the power of images, looked at his works, and he showed us how he created. We had fun with his artistic puzzles, the pictures in the books awakened many emotions, we admired the play of light and shadow, there were numerous questions that the author gladly answered.

Peter Škerl holds a BA in Illustration and Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the University of Ljubljana. The artist already visited Banja Luka, because in 2017 he exhibited black and white illustrations that he did for George Orwell's Animal Farm at the National Minorities Club. He then led a workshop for pupils and students. This time, there was an older population among the listeners. Good deeds for children are multifaceted and therefore offer a lot to adults. Peter Škerl spoke about the beginnings of his creative career and the works that most marked him as a child. We talked about the importance of illustrations, illustrating works that already live among readers with other visual expressions, exploring a topic before the work begins, and everything that the writer does not write down and the illustrator finds and draws. The illustration not only supports the text but is also a standalone narrative.

A pleasant evening was a nice invitation to visit the exhibition of Peter Škerl's works. In Staklenac, he will exhibit illustrations of Cankar's short story “A cup of coffee”.