At the invitation of the Association of Slovenians Triglav Banja Luka, on November 15, 2019, an exhibition of illustrator Peter Škerl was opened.

The exhibition of illustrations of Cankar's short story “Cup of Coffee” was at the Music Pavilion in Petar Kočić Park. The exhibition space itself, the "greenhouse" of the music pavilion, influenced the cosy atmosphere of many visitors, including Marjan Ristič, head of the Consular Office in Banja Luka, who opened the exhibition.

Illustration exhibitions are rare in Banja Luka, so it is not surprising that interest in this kind of art was something special for many. This time the media paid special attention to the opening of the exhibition. It was worth following the author's explanation of the illustrations he created for the picture book Cup of Coffee. We have seen that the text, which many readers know, came to life in original artworks, but it requires a special feeling. Peter Škerl has that feeling. His illustrations are lively, full of fantasy, understandable and popular for children and adults alike.

Illustrator and designer Peter Škerl visited Banja Luka for the third time. He became a friend of the Slovenians from Banja Luka and an acquaintance of other Banja Luka residents.

We will meet again, and we will follow his achievements, for which he will almost certainly receive many well-deserved awards in Slovenia, abroad and around the world, where the written words of writers will come to life in different artistic languages.