Not a year can pass without the traditional celebration dedicated to St. Martin, and so not this year for the 21st time. On November 23, the Association of Slovenians celebrated this holiday, popularly known as St. Martin's Day.

It is a holiday that dates back to pagan times, when the peasants thanked the gods for the good summer. We, the Slovenians of Banja Luka, also take this opportunity to thank all those who have been with us over the years.

The presenter of the official part of the programme was Dušan Tomažič, a well-known friend of the Association and author of the book "Slovenian Ethnic Minority in BiH". At the beginning of the program, he invited Ana Marjanovic to address the guests on behalf of the Association. She stated that the wish expressed last year during the celebration of St. Martin for the Association to get its premises had been fulfilled, owing to the understanding of the Mayor of the City of Banja Luka, Mr. Igor Radojičić and the funds of the Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Slovenians Abroad. She stated that at the end of the year we usually gathered and collected impressions, but also wanted to rest so that we would be ready for further ventures. The projects for the coming year are ready, they will be diverse, but with the same task - preserving the identity of the Slovenian national minority, Slovenian language, culture, tradition, customs. Finally, she called on the Mayor of Banja Luka, Mr. Igor Radojičić to address the guests. He emphasized that he was pleased to be present at such an event and that he was happy that the Association of Slovenians, as the most active association of national minorities, got its premises, and emphasized the good cooperation of Banja Luka with business people from Slovenia.

Mr. Radojičić’s speech was followed by the performance of the choir "Davorin Jenko" with two songs as well as the performance of the Children's Folklore Group of the Association "Triglav". Then Peter Kirič and Miran Trop from Ormož presented the Slovenian custom - baptism of wine in an interesting way. After the toast, guests were entertained by the “Džuboks” ensemble from Novo Mesto.

We hope everyone had a great time and that we will have a fun time together next year.