On Saturday, November 6, 2021, the director of the Central Library "Srečko Vilhar" from Koper David Runco and his associates Aleksandar Burra, Tina Saražin, Danijela Špeh and Laura Cherricola paid us a visit. They held 3 presentations.

Younger students watched the play The Witch of Aah-choo. The witch of Aah-choo is a mischievous witch who lives in a country where lions are friendly and snails are in a hurry. Together with her friend Zof, she goes to war with the waste and the evil garden dwarf to save the Earth from destruction. The story, full of twists and turns, took us into the fairy-tale world of magical creatures.

The play emphasized the importance of reading, and the musical-theatrical play emphasized the connection between sports and reading - both of which require concentration. The students also had fun in the company of puppets donated to the Association by the Central Library "Srečko Vilhar" Koper, who also had fun with Rovka's quiz.

Older teenagers got acquainted with the Rovka Črkolovka project. The importance of reading was emphasized by Tina Saražin, who presented the reading campaign to the students in an interesting way, and with the quiz and riddles and Slovenian proverbs she made sure that the students listened to the presentation with great interest.

Older students were introduced to the work of the library and interesting web portals such as Kamra and Slovenian Landscapes.

Barbara Goršič

Translation: Ana Marjanović