On Thursday 14 April 2022, in the library of Miran Jarac in Novi Mesto, the promotion of the book "Kružok uz kafu" (Coffee Club) by Barbara Hanuš was held. Members of the Association took the opportunity to meet again with the teacher who taught the Slovenian language in the Association for nine years. 

Barbara Hanuš's short stories take us among the ladies who gather in a nursing home in a small coastal town for morning coffee. With them, we go back in time and realize that the gift that years give you is time. And the elderly in the home have a lot of time. They sit with coffee and talk. Talk to each other, but also to themselves. Life there is slower, seasoned with moments of forgetting and remembering. Sometimes, however, the flow of memories is interrupted by the present, the events that connect them, and then laughter and song spread like wildfire in the coffee circle. The coffee smells. It's hot, strong and sweet. That's how life should be. 

The author was interviewed by Carmen L. Owen, who took those present at the promotion through the moments captured in the book. Time is moments, and moments should be lived. Barbara Hanuš captured them in wonderful, short, clear and witty stories. 

We enjoyed the conversation in which Barbara Hanuš, MSc, mentioned several times her stay in Banja Luka and the pleasant memories she has from that time. 

As the Association has in its 2022 programme included the activity of translating and promoting this book, we can't wait for this bilingual book to see the light of day and be presented to the public in Banja Luka and other places in BiH, because it is certain that reading it in all periods can enrich our lives. 

Ana Marjanović