Barbara Hanuš, MA, gave a lecture on the occasion of the International Book Day.

International Children's Book Day was established in 1967 by UNESCO, with the aim of developing love for the beauty of the written word in children and youth. 

It is celebrated on April 2, the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen, the author of numerous fairy tales, beloved by generations of children around the world. On this occasion, the Faculty of Philology, in cooperation with the Association of Slovenians of the Republika Srpska "Triglav" Banja Luka, organized a lecture by Barbara Hanuš (Slovenia), MA, on the topic "Slovenian picture books and their role in the pedagogical process". The lecture was attended by students of the Serbian Language and Literature Study Program of the Faculty of Philology and the Preschool Education Study Program of the Faculty of Philosophy. 

Barbara Hanuš, MA, gave a meaningful and inspired presentation of the development path of Slovenian picture books, their diversity and rich production in Slovenia, pointing out the importance of both the text and the illustrations in them. This was followed by a short presentation of the first quiet book, which was created by students of the Preschool Education Study Program. At the end of the lecture, a literary message for the year 2022 by Richard van Kamp, a recognized and award-winning writer from Canada, was read: 

"Stories are wings that take you to the top every day" 

Reading is freedom. Reading is breathing, it invites you into worlds you don't want to leave at all. Reading offers your spirit the opportunity to dream. They say books are friends for life; I agree with that. Because you, like a perfect universe, grow only with reading. Stories are wings that take you to the top every day, so look for books that lift your spirit, heart, mind. Stories are medicine. They heal. They provide comfort. They inspire. They teach. 

Blessed are those who tell stories and those who read and those who listen. Blessed books. They are the medicine for a better, brighter world. 

(Taken from the website of the Faculty of Philology, University of Banja Luka)

Translation Ana Marjanović