The Coat of arms  

The national coat of arms of Slovenia is a shield in the middle of which, on a blue background, is a representation of Mt. Triglav in white, under which are two undulating blue lines which represent the sea and rivers and above which are located three golden, six-pointed stars forming a downward-pointing triangle. The shield is bordered in red. The design of the shield is in accordance with accepted principles of geometry and colour.

The Flag  

The Slovenian flag is the white-blue-red national flag of Slovenia with the national coat of arms of Slovenia. The proportions of the width of the flag to the length thereof are of one to two. The colours of the flag are in the following order: white, blue and red. Each colour occupies one third of the width of the flag. The national coat of arms is located on the upper lefthand portion of the flag such that the top half of the shield covers the white stripe while the lower half covers the blue stripe.

The national anthem is the seventh stanza of the France Prešeren poem Zdravljica (A Toast) set to the tune by Stanko Premrl's choral composition of the same name