On 2 July, 2022, at 5 p.m., the main event of the traditional Welcome Home gathering began. Slovenians from around the world presented themselves at the gathering. The groups were from Austrian Carinthia, Venetian Slovenia, Hungary, Venezuela, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Argentina and Serbia.

The gathering was addressed by the line minister Matej Arčon and the mayor of Novo Mesto, Gregor Macedoni. The Association of Slovenians of the Republika Srpska Triglav Banja Luka was represented by a children's folklore group, which performed a mix of folk dances. At the end of the performance, they prepared a nice surprise for the audience with a mix of Serbian folk dances, for which they received a big, thunderous applause. 

At the event, the Triglav Association presented itself at a stand with bilingual books, in Slovenian and Serbian. Books were published in previous years by the Triglav Association. All passers-by who were interested in books could receive them as free gifts. The remaining books were donated by the Triglav Association to the Novi Sad bookstore Goga, which they gladly accepted. 

Surely, there was no shortage of various goodies that we brought from our second homeland at the stand. We shared the stand with the endowment Hart from Ljubljana. The publishing house was represented by Mrs. Barbara Hanuš, professor of the Slovenian language, librarian and writer. Professor Hanuš spent 9 years in the Triglav Association, teaching the Slovenian language in supply teaching lessons. She taught us the Slovenian language, about the culture and customs of our ancestors. We miss her. She will remain in our fond memories forever. 

It was a pleasant summer day that passed quickly in good company. 

Marija Petković

Translation Ana Marjanović