Banski dvor 29 June 2022 

After the corona virus, or after a year and a half of rest, Mixed Choir Davorin Jenko were guests at the concert of the Banja Luka Vez Ensemble on June 29, 2022. They sang three songs: two Slovenian folk songs and the Serbian Old Town song "Autumn leaves". 

The cooperation of our mixed choir with the famous ensemble dates back to 2011. Then our choir were guests for the first time at the celebration of the 3rd concert "Veče uz prim" by the Zdravko Ćosić ensemble. Years passed, invitations came. In 2013, the Zdravko Ćosić ensemble was a guest at a concert of Slovenian choirs organized by the Association of Slovenians Triglav Banjaluka. This time it was the song again that preserved and strengthened the broken bridges of peoples of different cultures. 

Alas, the year has come when Zdravko Ćosić has forever left the ensemble. Memory of him remains, the ensemble remains, today Banja Luka Vez, which successfully continues its musical journey, renews its repertoire and connects and invites lovers of different genres, written and musical arts to socialize along with songs and concerts. 

Nataša Kajmaković 

Translation Ana Marjanović