After a two-year break, the Slovenian Emigrant Association organized the summer school "Slovenian language in a slightly different way", this time at CŠOD Murska Sobota from 10-16 July 2022.

From the Association of Slovenians, 5 pupils from Banja Luka and Slatina attended this school. Beside them, the school had students from Austria, Croatia, Serbia, France, Norway, Argentina, Belgium and Denmark, a total of 22 of them. They studied the Slovenian language, created, visited the castle of Sobota and toured Prekmurje. They saw a lot, visited in Vulkania, rode the train around Gorička, saw Plečnik's church in Bogojina, visited the Passero chocolate factory, spent some time on the island of love and finally in Ex pan. 

Their creativity contributed to the creation of fantasy houses, and in the end they completed another project - the plan and creation of a 3D tabletop game with the title "Ideal School". 

On Saturday, 16 July 2022, parents came to pick up the students and had the opportunity to see their projects. The students were very satisfied and went home full of impressions. 

Thank you to the teachers for your patience and attention, and thank you to the Slovenian Emigrant Association for the organization. See you next year!

Ana Marjanović

Translation Ana Marjanović