As part of celebrating the Days of Prešeren in Banja Luka the Women’s Vocal Group »Kresnice« from Gorica pri Slivnici in Slovenia made a performance in the City Theatre »Jazavac« at the invitation of the Association »Triglav«. The performance took place on February 25, 2011.

In front of many visitors they performed the »Water Man« play. Our Slovenian teacher Valentina Gradič also performed together with "Kresnice".
»Water Man« is one of the most famous poems by Prešeren. Urška is a beautiful girl from Ljubljana who goes to dance on a Sunday afternoon. She is very arrogant and picky while choosing her dance partner and refuses many of them. Finally, she notices a young man sitting at a table nearby whom she likes. The young man comes to her and asks her for dance. They dance passionately »as if flying« but a storm comes. The man who turned up to be nothing else but a water man takes her to the waves of the Ljubljanica river and no one saw Urška again.
The show is a combination of acting and singing and it gathered many of our members of all generations. Consul Aladar Belec also joined us together with his wife. During the performance one could hear whispers of grannies who were explaining to their grandchildren what was happening in the show.