For some years now the Mixed choir of the Association of Slovenians Triglav has performed as guests of Zdravko Ćosić's Ensemble at »Veče uz prim« concerts. This year they were invited as well.

The concert took place, as usual, in the small hall of the Cultural Centre Banski dvor. Despite poor weather the hall was full of people on 6 March 2017. Zdravko Ćosić's Ensemble organises monthly concerts and the programme always includes new songs and new guests from different cultural fields. Choir Davorin Jenko prepared three songs for the concert – two by Slovenian authors (Radovan Gobec - Mravla je v mlin pelala, Anton Petek - Tam sem jaz doma) and a traditional folk song known in the area of BiH (Ajde Jano – prepared for the choir by professor Dušan Urošević).
Given the applause, the audience received choir Davorin Jenko's performance with delight.
Singers were satisfied, their conductor mag. Vanja Topić was satisfied and all that is encouragement for the new programme the choir is preparing for this year's performances.

Nataša Kajmaković