Pupils of supply teaching lessons from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and guests from Serbia gathered in Banja Luka. During the quiz prepared by Darko Hederih and Pavle Ravnohrib they showed how much they knew about water.

This was the fourth time that quiz was organised in Banja Luka. The first year, presenters prepared questions about animals, second year about sport, last year about food and this time about water. We all know that without water there would be no life. Water covers 70% of the Earth, whereof 97% is salty water, 2% fresh waters, in ice, and only 1% of potable water. Water is a significant good and questions at the quiz were also connected to the environment protection. During the preparation for quiz we got familiar with rivers, seas and oceans, learned Slovenian words for different precipitation, animals, vegetation, and also discussed about sports connected with water and everyday chores for which we need water.

Pupils from Banja Luka, Slatina, Prijedor, Teslić, Sarajevo, Zenica, Kakanj, Tuzla, Niš and Novi Sad showed excellent knowledge, and there was almost no question that remained unanswered. Presenters Darko Hederih and Pavle Ravnohrib gave interesting hints to the young people and in case words were not enough they showed photographs. Most of the answers they heard even without reading the question to the end. Most knowledge was expressed by Aleksandra Zrnić, Iva Potkonjak and Ana Katalina from Banja Luka, who measured their knowledge in the finals with pupils from Sarajevo. The winners are not only them; winners are all those who learned a lot during the preparation for the quiz and bravely represented associations of Slovenians from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Barbara Hanuš