Holidays are those days to which we give special attention and those dedicated to a special event.

They are the reason for socialising and joy. Each culture has own holidays, own ceremonies, passed from generation to generation. Youth must know the meaning of customs, as only in that way will they be able to preserve them. The Association Triglav Banjaluka takes part in an EU project United in Variety, and that is why we explored holidays in different cultures during the supply teaching lessons of Slovenian. Surely, our primary interest was Slovenian holidays.

We showed our knowledge at a quiz, organised in Banjaluka, on Saturday, 20 October. This was the sixth quiz organised for pupils and students of supply teaching lessons of Slovenian from all over BiH. Pupils and students from Sarajevo, Zenica, Kakanj, Tuzla, Teslić, Slatina and Banjaluka were joined by two pupils from Niš. We gathered at Jewish Cultural Centre, and spent a pleasant morning answering interesting questions. The winning team was from Tuzla. The audience filled up the hall and learned many new things.

The quiz was prepared and run by Darko Hederih, author of books Little Grey Cells, and actor Pavle Ravnohrib. Such events are an opportunity for socialising while through the preparation for the quiz a lot may be learned. Did you know that Santa Claus has a fur hat, that kurents gather scarfs, that we celebrate Gregorjevo in memory of the times when craftsmen were happy to say that the day got longer and they did not have to work under the light of candles any more? Our pupils and students have learned it all. That knowledge is the part of cultural heritage and it is good to know that youth grow up being aware of their origin.

Barbara Hanuš