In Slatina, on June 25, 2022, the Association of Slovenians of the Republika Srpska Triglav celebrated the XIII Slovenian Day. 

This is a day of remembrance for many settlers from Kraš, Primorje, Istra, Gorica and others, who in 1923, due to terror, the whirlwind of war and national hatred, began to move to the area of Slatina, where they created a new home, a new homeland. Unlike the almost two-year epidemic caused by the corona virus, this year's celebration was relaxed. We mingled and rejoiced with our guests, among whom were members of Slovenian associations: the Association of Inhabitants of Primorje and Istria from Lendava, Kakanj, Zenica, and representatives of various national minorities from Banja Luka. Distinguished guests responded to our invitation: Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to BH Damijan Sedar, officials of the Consular Office of the Republic of Slovenia in Banja Luka, representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska Igor Kotjelnikov, deputy mayor of the City of Laktaši Darko Stanković, Branka Bukovec, from the Association for Development of Voluntary Work Novo mesto, a group of musicians from Novo mesto and our friend, journalist and author of the book Slovenian National Minority in BiH Dušan Tomažič, MSc, who respected our wish to be in charge of the programme of our event. 

At the beginning, the Davorin Jenko Mixed Choir sang the song "Slovenija od kod lepote tvoje". All those present were greeted by the member of the Executive Board of our association, Mladen Lunić. Congratulations for the successful work of the Association were wished by: Deputy Mayor of the City of Laktaši Darko Stanković, President of the Association of Inhabitants of Primorje and Istria Benica in Prekmurje Nataša Tomšič, and at the end there was a warm, emotional speech by the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Damijan Sedar, PhD. 

Slovenia celebrates National Day on June 25, so his congratulations were dedicated to the holiday celebrated by Slovenians in the country and abroad and to the celebration of the 13th Slovenian Day. At the ceremony, the President of the Association of Slovenians Triglav Marija Grbić was presented with a commemorative medal of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the independent state of the Republic of Slovenia. For Maria, this was an unexpected surprise, and there were no shortage of tears, while at the end there was loud, well-deserved applause. The programme continued with a Slovenian folk song sung by the Mixed Choir Davorin Jenko. The folklore group of the Triglav Association took us from Triglav to Banja Luka with a dance. The guests from Banja Luka sang four songs accompanied by instrumentalists, but at the end, as is customary in our current homeland, a kolo was played. This time we had the opportunity to hear an excellent performance of Kolubarski Vez on the folk instrument flute. 

The musical group Efekt from Novi mesto ensured a good atmosphere. At the celebration there was a lot of good food, various drinks and a lot of dancing. The event, which is celebrated every year by the Triglav Association, was recorded by RTRS and other media crews. 

Nataša Kajmaković 

Translation by Ana Marjanović